We believe in fair and honest pricing, which means that we guarantee estimates and inform you of unexpected delays or additional needed repairs before starting work.

House’s Services offers a low professional rate of:


for scheduled maintenance and services. Whatever your service needs are, you can trust House’s to fix and repair yours.

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Need a plumber, electrician or HVAC specialist in Bloomington, IL?

Welcome to House’s Services, where Central Illinois’ most skilled and trusted technicians bring flow and comfort back into your life. We're the one stop shop in the Bloomington, IL area for plumbing, heating, cooling, electric work and misc. repairs. When your house or business needs repairs or maintenance, choose the qualified experts that care about you. Choose House’s Services. 

As inconvenient as home repairs may be, we try to be as convenient and diverse as possible so that you have the right solution at the right time. If you’re in Bloomington, IL or the surrounding area and you need a plumber, electrician, heating and cooling specialist, or a general handyman then you can get any of those services just by calling us. Instead of having to look up a different service every time you have a different type of home problem, we’re here to fix everything while being reachable at a single phone number.

At House's, our staff provides affordable solutions based on what you need, not what’s most profitable. We’re excited to come to work each day because we’re passionate about improving the lives of our customers. Founder Shawn House has decades of experience making the buildings we live and work out of look great and function properly.

“After years of being told I should start my own business, I decided to turn my experience and passion for helping others into House’s Services. I look forward to continuing to serve Central Illinois by providing an honest and skilled staff, affordable services, and by doing the job right the first time, every time.” 

– Shawn House


House’s Services can fix it, install it, and keep it looking great -- whatever ‘it’ is. Your unique needs may not fit into a specific category, but our skilled technicians have done it all and are up for any challenge. Our main focus is plumbing, heating, cooling, and electric work for  Bloomington, IL and the surrounding areas, but if you have questions about services that aren’t listed, contact us and you will receive a response within 24 hours.